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Our bodies moving in cursive
Tasting the groove with a hot tongue
You’ve readied this part of you
So, show me now
Untouched for so long
You can’t get where another one can
I want to hurt you with healing
& heal you with hurt
Until you pack up your shit & go
Until you want me again...
& when you’re desperate for a kill
The sweat can make me your meal
Pain is nothing that you’re gonna feel
I’m the one you take it from, child
It’s a give & a take
Pull all your tricks on me
& I’ll do all my work to you
Tender & violent
Rendering me silent
Your cheeks burning red
Until you put on your clothes & go
Until you want me again…
Don’t feel the speed of time
We’re suddenly attuned
All of me all inside of you
Part of the moon & the wind & the rain
They’re born there, baby
In our bed, in between your legs
Pleasure, oh, pleasure…
It’s a give & a take
You know I want you again
Almost as real as twins splitting apart in the womb
Almost as real as love or birth or murder or God
Almost as real as God…
It’s a give & a take
It’s a give & a take